Come Grow with Us

Founded in 2021 and developing quickly, KeyServ is a Southeastern landscape services company with over 3,000 residential and commercial customers across four states. The KeyServ team strives for outstanding results, reflected in the quality of our work and the character of our people. We invite you to be part of our journey.

The KeyServ Way

We are a resource for companies that share our values and commitment to an exceptional customer experience. With a proven process for growth, the resources of strong financial partners and a support team at the ready, KeyServ helps good companies tap into their unrealized potential to drive next-level growth. KeyServ is setting a new standard for the landscape industry.

The Keyserv Companies

When I started my career, there was a negative image of our industry. Many people before me have helped to shape a more positive narrative, I want to build on that for our associates, customers and suppliers alike.

Jeff Domenick

I joined the Keyserv Company due to the impressive landscape background of its team members, which instilled confidence in their expertise. The company’s commitment to taking the harder right, embracing challenges, and making ethical decisions resonated with my own values. By joining Keyserv, I now have the opportunity to elevate my responsibilities and focus on specific areas of expertise, enabling me to grow professionally without having to juggle multiple roles simultaneously.

Tony D'Alessandro