Bridging the Gap

There are thousands of successful landscape companies in the US that deliver real value to their customers. Many have reached a revenue and profitability plateau while assuming all the risks and overcoming every hurdle on their own. Their founders may see challenges ahead to achieving next-level growth while still taking care of their customers, and offering rewarding career opportunities to their associates that helped them along the way.

KeyServ was founded on the idea that we can help solve that problem. We do it by delivering expertise, best practices, and the capital required to both drive growth and preserve the well-being and development of their team and clients.

A Winning Formula

Using a proven acquisition and organic-growth strategy, we aim to be the Southeast’s preeminent landscape services provider with a family of companies that deliver high-value solutions from the doors out in every market we serve.

With six deals completed and a promising pipeline on the horizon, the KeyServ blueprint is setting a uniform standard of excellence. If you ask anyone, it’s a standard that’s been missing from our industry for far too long.

KeyServ Makes it Easy

Our acquisition strategy is simple: we look for established companies with ample room to grow, that have a proven team in place and entrepreneurial leaders willing to participate going forward. They have a deep understanding of their local markets, a good reputation within their communities, and they truly value their associates. When we add KeyServ’s technology, capital, and a team of like-minded landscape entrepreneurs to the mix, our companies are set up for breakout growth.

Boiled down, we put the best companies in the best position to succeed. The sellers continue to lead their companies and become an important part of the KeyServ leadership team. Often, their standout associates step up to take on new and challenging roles. Seeing just how big and successful a company can get is exciting, but watching the amazing teams joining KeyServ truly excel, makes this journey rewarding for everyone involved.

If you share our vision, we’d love to hear from you.

So many great full-service landscape companies grow to a certain size, and then realize the investments they need to reach the next level would be better made with a partner. That is where KeyServ can help entrepreneurs make that transition and allow them to rest assured that the company they built will continue to grow and develop under their leadership and our capital.

Jeff Domenick

When looking for an investor for QCL, we didn’t want one that made us lose our identity.  We wanted to be able to continue the high quality of service we provide to our high-end customers as well as to continue being a great place to work for our employees.  Keyserv allows us to accomplish all of these goals, while taking care of the customer and employees.  Now, we can share resources with other branches and learn from each other on how to make one of the best possible landscape companies in the country.

Stuart Trowbridge