Jacksonville, FL, April 1, 2023 – KeyServ Company successfully completed the acquisition of Landmark Landscape Group, expanding its presence and capabilities in the Birmingham market. This acquisition is strategically positioned to bolster KeyServ’s landscape services in the Southeastern US and provides long-term value to the organization.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with Landmark Landscape Group. The acquisition complements our current Alabama operations with Quality Creative Landscaping in Birmingham and Huntsville. Our team values Landmark’s commitment to their people and customers, track record of success and solid position for growth. With the addition of Landmark Landscape Group, KeyServ continues to build a great company around our associates and customers in an amazing industry,” said Jeff Domenick, CEO of KeyServ Company.

Landmark Landscape Group was founded by Guy Roemen and Randy Williams in 2011 on a foundation of commercial landscape experience and rewarding relationships with Birmingham property managers. Landmark grew through their founders’ consistent delivery of customer care, now providing full-service landscape installation and maintenance services to an expanding base of residential and commercial clients in the region.

Randy Williams retired in 2019, while Guy Roemen will continue to run Landmark as a valued resource within KeyServ Company. “This is a big win for Landmark Landscape Group and for all our employees! I am very excited to join the KeyServ team and look forward to growing an already stellar company”, Roemen shared.

The acquisition of Landmark Landscape Group reflects KeyServ’s commitment to using their industry knowledge to find and grow highly valued local residential and commercial landscape companies. By aligning with the right partners, leveraging synergies, and executing a strategic roadmap, the company is setting the stage for a thriving future. Owners and associates are rewarded with a positive work environment, appreciation of skills and talents, and compensation that recognizes those skills.

For more information about KeyServ, our companies, our leadership team and opportunities for partnership, please visit www.keyservco.com or contact Michael Schreiber at mike@keyservco.com. Come grow with us!

About KeyServ Company
KeyServ was started by green-industry veteran Jeff Domenick in partnership with Kidd & Company. The leadership team at KeyServ is represented by landscape industry pros with over 25 years of landscape industry experience and a recent track record that demonstrates its success in making acquisitions of large residential and light commercial businesses. With a team staffed by lifetime green industry professionals, KeyServ has a deep understanding of the landscape business.


About Kidd & Company, LLC (KCO)
Kidd & Company is a family-owned private investment firm based in Greenwich, CT. It operates as a private equity firm and is involved in the acquisition and management of mid-sized companies. Kidd & Company looks to invest in and grow companies in various sectors, seeking to add value by working closely with management teams to develop and execute growth strategies.


Grow with us!
If you’re thinking about selling your landscape business, consider KeyServ. They offer respect for your employees, protection for your brand’s reputation, acknowledgement of your industry expertise, and a significant role for you post-acquisition, if that’s your preference. To learn more about KeyServ’s core values and the transaction process, contact Jeff Domenick at info@keyserv.com. Explore the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have seen their businesses flourish under KeyServ’s partnership. Because at KeyServ, they believe that in partnerships, we grow together. Visit us at www.keyservco.com for more information.