Blue Bell Landscaping, a KeyServ Company, is pleased to announce that Juan DeLeon has been promoted to Grounds Maintenance Manager. He will be overseeing landscape grounds maintenance field operations for the company on Florida’s Space Coast.

DeLeon has been with Blue Bell for six years, starting out as a maintenance crew driver and learning the specialty skills of many roles along the way including irrigation, lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, and pest control. Juan speaks both English and Spanish fluently, translating articulately and freely for Blue Bell’s diverse customer base, crew members and the leadership team, and thrives in his current customer-facing role.

“Juan’s promotion is well deserved, and it gives me great satisfaction in watching him grow over the years,” states Peter Black, Blue Bell founder and current Florida Sales and Operations Leader at KeyServ Company. “Ever since we hired Juan back in 2017, he has done everything we have asked him to do and more. He consistently earns credibility and trust with our customers and directs his crews with a natural leadership ability. We couldn’t be happier that this opportunity opened for him, and we look forward to more great things to come from Juan.”

DeLeon has landscaping in his roots and is making it a lifelong career. He started in the industry as a teenager working for his uncle’s paving company. Juan later worked for another landscape company in the area, focusing on hardscape and planting installation. It was his stepfather that asked Juan to join him at Blue Bell Landscaping, citing better pay and more opportunity for advancement, and he gladly joined the team.

“Everyone works hard here at Blue Bell and we support each other and keep each other safe” Juan says. “We challenge each other to pick up the pace, own our mistakes and push to do better every day for our customers and ourselves as a team.”

“Communication and safety are keys to our success,” DeLeon states. “Having an open dialogue with our customers to translate their needs, relaying directives from management and the office to our crews and ensuring that we all go home in great shape makes it an all-win situation.” Juan adds, “I see us getting better every day. Our crews ask for help to improve their skills and we support them with guidance and training. We are building a great bench of role players, and opportunities present themselves as a reward to those who are committed – this is my experience.”

Experiencing the transformation of customer properties over time and across generations to keep families happy is a real source of satisfaction for DeLeon. “We had a customer that was very particular about his landscape. We listened to what he wanted and tailored our program to his requests,” Juan says. “The property really transformed for the better over the years, and although this customer had an illness that slowly turned for the worse, his beautiful landscape continued to be a source of pride and fulfillment for him. The customer eventually passed on, and now his children own the property and see it as a constant reminder of him. We are honored to maintain it and keep them happy now.”

Juan DeLeon’s landscape career has steadily progressed over the years, culminating in his new leadership position at Blue Bell Landscaping. His great communication skills and a commitment to customer satisfaction are strong reasons for his advancement. KeyServ Company and Blue Bell Landscaping are proud to have him on their team and delighted to watch Juan leverage his skill set for both personal development and company success.