Jacksonville, FL, August 7, 2023 – KeyServ Company, founded by green-industry veteran Jeff Domenick and backed by Kidd & Company, a family office, announced today that it has successfully completed the acquisition of six landscape-service companies. Each acquisition is strategically positioned to establish and enhance a market footprint in the Southeastern US and provide long-term value to the organization. “I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with leading companies within the landscape industry. We are building a great company around our associates and customers in an amazing industry,” said Jeff Domenick, CEO of KeyServ Company. The six deals comprised of three initial companies closed on December 31, 2021, in NC, SC and FL, followed with two “tuck-ins” in NC and one additional platform in AL. Each acquisition was carefully selected to align with the organization’s long-term strategy. A special focus is placed on partnering with strong regional companies, led by strong leaders, each with a great team: • DalaCasa Landscape Management – Mooresville, NC • Ultimate Greenscapes (now DalaCasa) – Indian Land, SC • Blue Bell Landscaping – Merritt Island, FL • Imagine Outdoor Lighting – Charlotte, NC • Tesh-Troxler Landscapes & Designs – Concord, NC • Quality Creative Landscaping – Birmingham and Huntsville, AL

The series of acquisitions reflects KeyServ’s commitment to using their industry knowledge to find and grow highly valued local residential and commercial landscape companies. By aligning with the right partners, leveraging synergies, and executing a strategic roadmap, the company is setting the stage for a thriving future. Owners and associates are rewarded with a positive work environment, appreciation of skills and talents, and compensation that recognizes those skills.

“I joined KeyServ due to the impressive landscape background of its team members, which instilled confidence in their expertise,” said Tony D’Alessandro, co-founder of DalaCasa and current Director of Technology & Integrations at KeyServ. “By joining KeyServ, I now have the opportunity to elevate my responsibilities and focus on specific areas of expertise, enabling me to grow professionally without having to juggle multiple roles simultaneously.”

“Our goal is to invest in market-leading companies with talented teams, experienced entrepreneurial leaders, and strong financial performance. We are building something great for our associates and customers and are committed to being recognized as leaders in the landscape industry,” said Domenick.

For more information about KeyServ, our companies, our leadership team and opportunities for partnership, please contact Michael Schreiber at mike@keyservco.com. Come grow with us!


If you’re thinking about selling your landscape business, consider KeyServ. They offer respect for your employees, protection for your brand’s reputation, acknowledgement of your industry expertise, and a significant role for you post-acquisition, if that’s your preference.

To learn more about KeyServ’s core values and the transaction process, contact Jeff Domenick at info@keyserv.com. Explore the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have seen their businesses flourish under KeyServ’s partnership. Because at KeyServ, they believe that in partnerships, we grow together.