Blue Bell Landscaping, a KeyServ Company, is pleased to announce that Michael Watson has been promoted to Installation Manager. He will be overseeing all landscape installation field operations for the company on Florida’s Space Coast.

Watson has been with Blue Bell for almost three years, earning credibility and trust from both his coworkers and company leadership for his hard work, dedication to the craft, and ability to lighten the mood on a long day with a well-timed joke or two.

Peter Black, Blue Bell founder and current Florida Sales and Operations Leader at KeyServ Company, hired Michael back in 2021. “A mutual connection recommended Michael to us three years ago. He didn’t have a landscaping background, but we took the chance to hire him coming through the fog of Covid and the swirling uncertainty during those times. He immediately impressed us with his work ethic, attention to detail and positive attitude. We are grateful that he joined our team, and his promotion is well deserved. We are already seeing improvements in installation efficiency and quality from his crews,” Black states.

Watson’s journey to his current position in the landscaping industry was not a direct one. Michael says that working outside wasn’t something that ever intrigued him while growing up on US Air Force bases in Germany, Japan, and the US, studying as an undergraduate Medical Assistant and starting a career in food service. When he hit a wall after seven years as a line cook at a local grill and decided to try landscaping, he was thoroughly impressed.

“Blue Bell is a good place to work. There are no egos or bad attitudes like there was in food service. Everybody is here for the same reasons; doing good work that makes customers happy and getting rewarded for it,” Watson says.

For Watson, the tangible benefit of making customers happy is something he thrives on. “I worked out my first big residential project and the plants were all laid out, but all I could see were the small things that weren’t as good as I wanted them to be. But when the job was done, the homeowner was so pleased and told me I was great at this job. The validation of their reaction was really satisfying,” he says.

Watson is prepared for the demands of his new role with dedication and a positive attitude. He states, “The biggest challenge is keeping the crews motivated as the day goes on and the Florida heat and humidity rise. It is a balancing act between getting the job done and rational encouragement; ‘Hey guys, we’re running late today, but let’s bang this job out and get it done well so we can start something new tomorrow.’ Wearing a smile all day, joking, and keeping it light helps with that.”

Michael Watson’s journey in the landscape industry is proof that you don’t have to start here to quickly earn a rewarding leadership position. His story is one worth sharing considering the labor challenges the industry faces daily. KeyServ Company and Blue Bell Landscaping are proud to have him on their team and in a role where he can truly thrive.