The landscape industry has seen rapid shifts in the past decade, with technological advancements, sustainability initiatives, and increasing shortages of qualified labor. Amid these shifts, KeyServ Company stands out not just for its growth but also for its strategic approach to acquisitions. Founded by green-industry veteran Jeff Domenick and supported by the reputable Kidd & Company, KeyServ has charted a course that benefits both its stakeholders and the companies it acquires.

Strategic Alignment to Service Customers

At the end of 2021, KeyServ made an assertive entry by acquiring three major companies across NC, SC, and FL. They expanded their portfolio with two additional “tuck-ins” in NC and another substantial platform in AL. These acquisitions weren’t just to add numbers to their profile. Each acquisition is a testament to KeyServ’s vision: partnering with regional powerhouses like DalaCasa Landscape Management, Blue Bell Landscaping and Quality Creative Landscaping, which all have entrenched local goodwill.

The larger blueprint here is evident – by aligning with strong regional brands, KeyServ ensures that the transition is smooth, both for the businesses and their loyal customer base.

Why Join KeyServ?

For smaller landscape companies or even sizeable regional players, the decision to become part of a bigger entity like KeyServ can be transformative. KeyServ was built by industry pros and understands the complexity and the opportunity in landscape companies.  Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Resources & Infrastructure: KeyServ, backed by Kidd & Company, offers financial stability and state-of-the-art resources. The technology and infrastructural boost can propel a regional company into a more significant league without the associated capital expenditure.
  2. Focus on Expertise: As Tony D’Alessandro, co-founder of DalaCasa, pointed out, joining KeyServ allowed him to concentrate on his areas of expertise. In a larger framework, professionals get the opportunity to specialize, which often translates to career advancement and skill enhancement.
  3. Cultural Integrity: Often, mergers or acquisitions lead to a cultural mismatch. KeyServ’s strategy revolves around aligning with companies that share similar values, ensuring that the core ethos of the acquired company remains intact.
  4. Market Expansion: For those companies with ambitions of scaling but restricted by regional constraints, KeyServ’s vast network provides immediate access to a broader market, both in terms of geography and demography.
  5. Talent Retention and Growth: KeyServ recognizes the value of talented teams. By ensuring a conducive work environment and competitive compensation, it attracts and retains industry talent, fostering internal growth and innovation.

A Forward-Thinking Vision

KeyServ’s acquisition strategy showcases its forward-thinking vision. The focus isn’t merely on expansion, but on sustainable growth from the development of the associates.  By picking companies led by industry leaders and teams passionate about their craft, KeyServ ensures that the essence of these companies remains undiluted.

Jeff Domenick, CEO of KeyServ Company, encapsulates this approach, stating, “Our goal is to invest in market-leading companies with talented teams, experienced entrepreneurial leaders, and strong financial performance.” He emphasizes building something remarkable for their associates and customers.


About KeyServ Company

KeyServ was started by green-industry veteran Jeff Domenick in partnership with Kidd & Company. The leadership team at KeyServ is represented by landscape industry pros with over 25 years of landscape industry experience and a recent track record that demonstrates its success in making acquisitions of large residential and light commercial businesses. With a team staffed by lifetime green industry professionals, KeyServ has a deep understanding of the landscape business.  

About Kidd & Company, LLC (KCO)

Kidd & Company is a family-owned private investment firm based in Greenwich, CT. It operates as a private equity firm and is involved in the acquisition and management of mid-sized companies. Kidd & Company looks to invest in and grow companies in various sectors, seeking to add value by working closely with management teams to develop and execute growth strategies.

Grow with us!

If you’re thinking about selling your landscape business, consider KeyServ. They offer respect for your employees, protection for your brand’s reputation, acknowledgement of your industry expertise, and a significant role for you post-acquisition, if that’s your preference.

To learn more about KeyServ’s core values and the transaction process, contact Jeff Domenick at Explore the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have seen their businesses flourish under KeyServ’s partnership. Because at KeyServ, they believe that in partnerships, we grow together.  Visit us at for more information.